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Country or AreaCurrencyISIC Rev 3YearMeasureValue 
AfghanistanAfghani2520 Plastic products2011Output (valuation not defined)1040000000 
AfghanistanAfghani2520 Plastic products2010Output (valuation not defined)1056700000 
AfghanistanAfghani2520 Plastic products2009Output (valuation not defined)921000000 
AfghanistanAfghani2520 Plastic products2008Output (valuation not defined)878000000 
AfghanistanAfghani2520 Plastic products2007Output (valuation not defined)817000000 
ArmeniaDrams2520 Plastic products2008Output at producers’ prices6276000000 
ArmeniaDrams2520 Plastic products2007Output at producers’ prices5575000000 
AustraliaDollars2520 Plastic products2011Output (valuation not defined)14317000000 
AustraliaDollars2520 Plastic products2010Output (valuation not defined)15245000000 
AustraliaDollars2520 Plastic products2009Output (valuation not defined)15160000000 
AustraliaDollars2520 Plastic products2008Output (valuation not defined)16480000000 
AustraliaDollars2520 Plastic products2007Output (valuation not defined)15263000000 
AustriaEuros2520 Plastic products2008Output (valuation not defined)4993000000 
AustriaEuros2520 Plastic products2007Output (valuation not defined)4691000000 
AzerbaijanManat2520 Plastic products2009Output at factor values59449000 
AzerbaijanManat2520 Plastic products2008Output at factor values69836000 
AzerbaijanManat2520 Plastic products2007Output at factor values36895000 
BelgiumEuros2520 Plastic products2008Output (valuation not defined)7495000000 
BelgiumEuros2520 Plastic products2007Output (valuation not defined)7686000000 
BermudaDollars2520 Plastic products2011Output (valuation not defined)241500 
BermudaDollars2520 Plastic products2010Output (valuation not defined)248000 
BermudaDollars2520 Plastic products2009Output (valuation not defined)272000 
BermudaDollars2520 Plastic products2008Output (valuation not defined)307500 
BermudaDollars2520 Plastic products2007Output (valuation not defined)1466186 
BrazilReais2520 Plastic products2007Output at factor values35906229000 
Brunei DarussalamDollars2520 Plastic products2010Output at producers’ prices2183500 
BulgariaLeva2520 Plastic products2007Output (valuation not defined)1338000000 
CameroonCFA Francs2520 Plastic products2008Output (valuation not defined)28681212000 
CanadaDollars2520 Plastic products2008Output (valuation not defined)16291793000 
CanadaDollars2520 Plastic products2007Output (valuation not defined)17207088000 
ChilePesos2520 Plastic products2008Output (valuation not defined)1121664750000 
ChilePesos2520 Plastic products2007Output (valuation not defined)992449375000 
ChinaYuan2520 Plastic products2011Output at producers’ prices1506851844000 
ChinaYuan2520 Plastic products2010Output at producers’ prices1341150000000 
ChinaYuan2520 Plastic products2009Output at producers’ prices1046963000000 
ChinaYuan2520 Plastic products2008Output at producers’ prices953946000000 
ChinaYuan2520 Plastic products2007Output at producers’ prices786709000000 
ColombiaPesos2520 Plastic products2011Output at factor values7268098672000 
ColombiaPesos2520 Plastic products2010Output at factor values6706854177000 
ColombiaPesos2520 Plastic products2009Output at factor values6235834028000 
ColombiaPesos2520 Plastic products2008Output at factor values6269220549000 
ColombiaPesos2520 Plastic products2007Output at factor values5938687100000 
CyprusEuros2520 Plastic products2007Output at producers’ prices93662000 
Czech RepublicKoruny2520 Plastic products2007Output (valuation not defined)146424000000 
DenmarkKroner2520 Plastic products2008Output (valuation not defined)25263160000 
DenmarkKroner2520 Plastic products2007Output (valuation not defined)27265000000 
EcuadorUS Dollars2520 Plastic products2008Output at producers’ prices1006528000 
EcuadorUS Dollars2520 Plastic products2007Output at producers’ prices704493000 
EritreaNakfa2520 Plastic products2011Output at producers’ prices73262831 
EritreaNakfa2520 Plastic products2010Output at producers’ prices60638000 


Source:  United Nations Industrial Development Organization

INDSTAT4-Rev.3 contains time series data on five selected data items for the period covering 2007 - 2011. The data are arranged at the 3- and 4-digit level of ISIC (Revision 3) pertaining to the manufacturing sector, which comprises 151 manufacturing categories.

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