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Country or AreaCurrencyISIC Rev 3YearMeasureValue 
ArmeniaDrams2219 Other publishing2008Output at producers’ prices420000000 
ArmeniaDrams2219 Other publishing2007Output at producers’ prices406000000 
AustriaEuros2219 Other publishing2008Output (valuation not defined)19000000 
AustriaEuros2219 Other publishing2007Output (valuation not defined)28000000 
AzerbaijanManat2219 Other publishing2009Output at factor values393000 
AzerbaijanManat2219 Other publishing2008Output at factor values1278000 
AzerbaijanManat2219 Other publishing2007Output at factor values707000 
BelgiumEuros2219 Other publishing2008Output (valuation not defined)87000000 
BelgiumEuros2219 Other publishing2007Output (valuation not defined)77000000 
BermudaDollars2219 Other publishing2011Output (valuation not defined)2838010 
BermudaDollars2219 Other publishing2010Output (valuation not defined)3962000 
BermudaDollars2219 Other publishing2009Output (valuation not defined)2636014 
BermudaDollars2219 Other publishing2008Output (valuation not defined)9584266 
BermudaDollars2219 Other publishing2007Output (valuation not defined)3031210 
BulgariaLeva2219 Other publishing2007Output (valuation not defined)17000000 
ColombiaPesos2219 Other publishing2011Output at factor values322005380000 
ColombiaPesos2219 Other publishing2010Output at factor values299167949000 
ColombiaPesos2219 Other publishing2009Output at factor values291828171000 
ColombiaPesos2219 Other publishing2008Output at factor values202811211000 
ColombiaPesos2219 Other publishing2007Output at factor values89829185000 
CyprusEuros2219 Other publishing2007Output at producers’ prices1008000 
Czech RepublicKoruny2219 Other publishing2007Output (valuation not defined)1352000000 
DenmarkKroner2219 Other publishing2008Output (valuation not defined)847001600 
DenmarkKroner2219 Other publishing2007Output (valuation not defined)1128000000 
EcuadorUS Dollars2219 Other publishing2008Output at producers’ prices3035000 
EcuadorUS Dollars2219 Other publishing2007Output at producers’ prices996000 
EritreaNakfa2219 Other publishing2011Output at producers’ prices0 
EritreaNakfa2219 Other publishing2010Output at producers’ prices0 
EritreaNakfa2219 Other publishing2009Output at producers’ prices0 
EritreaNakfa2219 Other publishing2008Output at producers’ prices0 
EritreaNakfa2219 Other publishing2007Output at producers’ prices0 
EthiopiaBirr2219 Other publishing2009Output at producers’ prices0 
EthiopiaBirr2219 Other publishing2008Output at producers’ prices0 
EthiopiaBirr2219 Other publishing2007Output at producers’ prices0 
FinlandEuros2219 Other publishing2008Output (valuation not defined)77000000 
FinlandEuros2219 Other publishing2007Output (valuation not defined)74000000 
FranceEuros2219 Other publishing2008Output (valuation not defined)224000000 
FranceEuros2219 Other publishing2007Output (valuation not defined)409000000 
GeorgiaLari2219 Other publishing2011Output (valuation not defined)3994300 
GeorgiaLari2219 Other publishing2010Output (valuation not defined)2655000 
GeorgiaLari2219 Other publishing2009Output (valuation not defined)2858000 
GeorgiaLari2219 Other publishing2008Output (valuation not defined)3707200 
GeorgiaLari2219 Other publishing2007Output (valuation not defined)3838100 
GermanyEuros2219 Other publishing2007Output (valuation not defined)635000000 
GreeceEuros2219 Other publishing2007Output (valuation not defined)99000000 
HungaryForints2219 Other publishing2008Output (valuation not defined)6690000000 
HungaryForints2219 Other publishing2007Output (valuation not defined)7314000000 
IndiaRupees2219 Other publishing2007Output at producers’ prices15437600000 
IndonesiaRupiahs2219 Other publishing2009Output at producers’ prices2675364269000 
IndonesiaRupiahs2219 Other publishing2008Output at producers’ prices1938038110000 


Source:  United Nations Industrial Development Organization

INDSTAT4-Rev.3 contains time series data on five selected data items for the period covering 2007 - 2011. The data are arranged at the 3- and 4-digit level of ISIC (Revision 3) pertaining to the manufacturing sector, which comprises 151 manufacturing categories.

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