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Country or AreaCurrencyISIC Rev 3YearMeasureValue 
ArmeniaDrams172 Other textiles2008Output at producers’ prices648000000 
ArmeniaDrams172 Other textiles2007Output at producers’ prices701000000 
AustriaEuros172 Other textiles2008Output (valuation not defined)757000000 
AustriaEuros172 Other textiles2007Output (valuation not defined)903000000 
AzerbaijanManat172 Other textiles2009Output at factor values3954000 
AzerbaijanManat172 Other textiles2008Output at factor values4384000 
AzerbaijanManat172 Other textiles2007Output at factor values5077000 
BelgiumEuros172 Other textiles2008Output (valuation not defined)3106000000 
BelgiumEuros172 Other textiles2007Output (valuation not defined)3747000000 
BermudaDollars172 Other textiles2011Output (valuation not defined)1292412 
BermudaDollars172 Other textiles2010Output (valuation not defined)1478000 
BermudaDollars172 Other textiles2009Output (valuation not defined)1626160 
BermudaDollars172 Other textiles2008Output (valuation not defined)1628271 
BrazilReais172 Other textiles2007Output at factor values9866611000 
BulgariaLeva172 Other textiles2007Output (valuation not defined)223000000 
CameroonCFA Francs172 Other textiles2008Output (valuation not defined)3636946000 
CanadaDollars172 Other textiles2008Output (valuation not defined)2653416000 
CanadaDollars172 Other textiles2007Output (valuation not defined)3102206000 
ChilePesos172 Other textiles2008Output (valuation not defined)148598156300 
ChilePesos172 Other textiles2007Output (valuation not defined)125977492200 
ChinaYuan172 Other textiles2011Output at producers’ prices542119112000 
ChinaYuan172 Other textiles2010Output at producers’ prices502684000000 
ChinaYuan172 Other textiles2009Output at producers’ prices423597000000 
ChinaYuan172 Other textiles2008Output at producers’ prices386899000000 
ChinaYuan172 Other textiles2007Output at producers’ prices297925000000 
ColombiaPesos172 Other textiles2011Output at factor values2698719733000 
ColombiaPesos172 Other textiles2010Output at factor values2498671478000 
ColombiaPesos172 Other textiles2009Output at factor values2327185510000 
ColombiaPesos172 Other textiles2008Output at factor values2471239803000 
ColombiaPesos172 Other textiles2007Output at factor values2598666284000 
CyprusEuros172 Other textiles2007Output at producers’ prices22984000 
Czech RepublicKoruny172 Other textiles2007Output (valuation not defined)24901000000 
DenmarkKroner172 Other textiles2008Output (valuation not defined)5723971000 
DenmarkKroner172 Other textiles2007Output (valuation not defined)6077000000 
EcuadorUS Dollars172 Other textiles2008Output at producers’ prices70876000 
EcuadorUS Dollars172 Other textiles2007Output at producers’ prices62347000 
EritreaNakfa172 Other textiles2011Output at producers’ prices0 
EritreaNakfa172 Other textiles2010Output at producers’ prices0 
EritreaNakfa172 Other textiles2009Output at producers’ prices0 
EritreaNakfa172 Other textiles2008Output at producers’ prices0 
EritreaNakfa172 Other textiles2007Output at producers’ prices0 
EstoniaEuros172 Other textiles2007Output (valuation not defined)191607122 
EthiopiaBirr172 Other textiles2009Output at producers’ prices103827000 
EthiopiaBirr172 Other textiles2008Output at producers’ prices1758000 
EthiopiaBirr172 Other textiles2007Output at producers’ prices76990000 
FinlandEuros172 Other textiles2008Output (valuation not defined)561000000 
FinlandEuros172 Other textiles2007Output (valuation not defined)580000000 
FranceEuros172 Other textiles2008Output (valuation not defined)4698000000 
FranceEuros172 Other textiles2007Output (valuation not defined)5413000000 
GeorgiaLari172 Other textiles2011Output (valuation not defined)8954200 


Source:  United Nations Industrial Development Organization

INDSTAT4-Rev.3 contains time series data on five selected data items for the period covering 2007 - 2011. The data are arranged at the 3- and 4-digit level of ISIC (Revision 3) pertaining to the manufacturing sector, which comprises 151 manufacturing categories.

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