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Country or AreaISIC Rev 3YearMeasureValue 
Afghanistan221 Publishing2011Number of employees2323 
Afghanistan221 Publishing2010Number of employees2307 
Afghanistan221 Publishing2009Number of employees2290 
Afghanistan221 Publishing2008Number of employees2290 
Afghanistan221 Publishing2007Number of employees2290 
Austria221 Publishing2008Number of employees9153 
Austria221 Publishing2007Number of employees9016 
Azerbaijan221 Publishing2009Number of employees1180 
Azerbaijan221 Publishing2008Number of employees1007 
Azerbaijan221 Publishing2007Number of employees1137 
Belgium221 Publishing2008Number of employees9331 
Belgium221 Publishing2007Number of employees10201 
Botswana221 Publishing2011Number of employees15601
Botswana221 Publishing2010Number of employees17641
Botswana221 Publishing2009Number of employees15481
Botswana221 Publishing2008Number of employees17231
Botswana221 Publishing2007Number of employees13111
Brazil221 Publishing2007Number of persons engaged111075 
Bulgaria221 Publishing2007Number of employees6375 
Burundi221 Publishing2010Number of employees397 
Burundi221 Publishing2009Number of employees389 
Burundi221 Publishing2008Number of employees377 
Burundi221 Publishing2007Number of employees374 
Chile221 Publishing2008Number of employees6036 
Chile221 Publishing2007Number of employees8033 
China, Macao SAR221 Publishing2011Number of persons engaged13442
China, Macao SAR221 Publishing2010Number of persons engaged14702
China, Macao SAR221 Publishing2009Number of persons engaged13772
China, Macao SAR221 Publishing2008Number of persons engaged12762
China, Macao SAR221 Publishing2007Number of persons engaged13192
Colombia221 Publishing2011Number of employees11884 
Colombia221 Publishing2010Number of employees11472 
Colombia221 Publishing2009Number of employees12478 
Colombia221 Publishing2008Number of employees12049 
Colombia221 Publishing2007Number of employees9400 
Croatia221 Publishing2007Number of employees7645 
Cyprus221 Publishing2007Number of employees851 
Czech Republic221 Publishing2007Number of employees12236 
Denmark221 Publishing2008Number of employees21359 
Denmark221 Publishing2007Number of employees23639 
Ecuador221 Publishing2008Number of employees4032 
Ecuador221 Publishing2007Number of employees3131 
Eritrea221 Publishing2011Number of employees0 
Eritrea221 Publishing2010Number of employees0 
Eritrea221 Publishing2009Number of employees0 
Eritrea221 Publishing2008Number of employees0 
Eritrea221 Publishing2007Number of employees0 
Estonia221 Publishing2007Number of employees3500 
Ethiopia221 Publishing2009Number of employees0 
Ethiopia221 Publishing2008Number of employees0 


1 - 221 includes 222
2 - 221 includes 222, 2230


Source:  United Nations Industrial Development Organization

INDSTAT4-Rev.3 contains time series data on five selected data items for the period covering 2007 - 2011. The data are arranged at the 3- and 4-digit level of ISIC (Revision 3) pertaining to the manufacturing sector, which comprises 151 manufacturing categories.

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