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Source: UIS Data Centre | UNESCO Institute for Statistics

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Reference AreaTime PeriodSexAge groupUnits of measurementObservation Value
Albania2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber5
Algeria2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber33
Aruba2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber0
Australia2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber70
Austria2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber13
Azerbaijan2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber15
Bhutan2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber1
Brazil2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber3890
Bulgaria2003Not applicableNot applicableNumber6
Cameroon2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber16
Cape Verde2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber11
Cayman Islands2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber3
China2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber2306
Colombia2006Not applicableNot applicableNumber181
Congo2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber8
Côte d'Ivoire2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber2
Croatia2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber135
Cuba2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber87
Cyprus2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber4
Czech Republic2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber102
Democratic Republic of the Congo2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber14
Denmark2003Not applicableNot applicableNumber13
Djibouti2004Not applicableNot applicableNumber1
Dominican Republic2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber18
Ecuador2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber62
Egypt2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber38
Estonia2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber5
Ethiopia2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber6
Finland2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber9
France2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber56
Gambia2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber4
Germany2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber56
Guatemala2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber518
Holy See2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber2
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber7
Hungary2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber13
Iceland2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber6
Italy2004Not applicableNot applicableNumber10
Jamaica2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber0
Jordan2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber6
Latvia2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber45
Lithuania2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber2
Malta2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber2
Mauritania2006Not applicableNot applicableNumber7
Mauritius2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber8
Mexico2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber339
Moldova2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber5
Mongolia2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber58
Myanmar2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber4
Nepal2005Not applicableNot applicableNumber57

UIS Data Centre

Source:  UNESCO Institute for Statistics

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) provides UNdata with a subset of the more than 1,000 indicators which may be found in the UIS Data Centre.

The UIS Data Centre contains indicators and raw data on education, literacy, science, culture and communication. The UIS collects these data from more than 200 countries and international organizations.

The UIS is the primary data source of education, literacy and science data for leading publications and databases, such as:

  • Education For All Global Monitoring Report
  • World Development Indicators
  • Human Development Report
  • State of the World’s Children and many others.

The Data Centre provides free access to:

  • The Institute’s databases and survey instruments
  • Country profiles
  • Tools to build your own statistical tables
  • Related documentation and metadata.
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