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Source: UIS Data Centre | UNESCO Institute for Statistics

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Reference AreaTime PeriodSexAge groupUnits of measurementObservation Value
Angola2005FemaleNot applicableNumber19
Anguilla2004FemaleNot applicableNumber1
Armenia2006FemaleNot applicableNumber588
Australia2001FemaleNot applicableNumber2572
Belgium2004FemaleNot applicableNumber430
Benin2004FemaleNot applicableNumber25
Bermuda2004FemaleNot applicableNumber17
Brazil2002FemaleNot applicableNumber3094
Cameroon2004FemaleNot applicableNumber58
Cape Verde2005FemaleNot applicableNumber10
Cayman Islands2004FemaleNot applicableNumber13
Congo2005FemaleNot applicableNumber229
Cuba2005FemaleNot applicableNumber1441
Cyprus2004FemaleNot applicableNumber100
Democratic Republic of the Congo2004FemaleNot applicableNumber980
Fiji2005FemaleNot applicableNumber37
Finland2004FemaleNot applicableNumber4285
Hungary2004FemaleNot applicableNumber4245
Iceland2005FemaleNot applicableNumber209
Japan2004FemaleNot applicableNumber2450
Kuwait2006FemaleNot applicableNumber261
Kyrgyzstan1999FemaleNot applicableNumber579
Lao People's Democratic Republic2004FemaleNot applicableNumber54
Lebanon2004FemaleNot applicableNumber364
Liechtenstein2006FemaleNot applicableNumber16
Macao Special Administrative Region of China2005FemaleNot applicableNumber94
Marshall Islands2004FemaleNot applicableNumber3
Mauritius2005FemaleNot applicableNumber121
Morocco2004FemaleNot applicableNumber468
Namibia2004FemaleNot applicableNumber25
Nepal2005FemaleNot applicableNumber244
Niue2006FemaleNot applicableNumber1
Norway2004FemaleNot applicableNumber3651
Occupied Palestinian Territory2005FemaleNot applicableNumber150
Oman2006FemaleNot applicableNumber16
Palau2004FemaleNot applicableNumber4
Portugal2004FemaleNot applicableNumber1890
Qatar2005FemaleNot applicableNumber7
Saint Lucia2004FemaleNot applicableNumber9
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines2005FemaleNot applicableNumber5
Senegal2005FemaleNot applicableNumber78
Slovakia2004FemaleNot applicableNumber236
Slovenia2004FemaleNot applicableNumber277
Sri Lanka2005FemaleNot applicableNumber600
Sudan2004FemaleNot applicableNumber697
Suriname2006FemaleNot applicableNumber16
Swaziland2005FemaleNot applicableNumber24
Tokelau2005FemaleNot applicableNumber1
Turkey2006FemaleNot applicableNumber1972
Uganda2004FemaleNot applicableNumber100

UIS Data Centre

Source:  UNESCO Institute for Statistics

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) provides UNdata with a subset of the more than 1,000 indicators which may be found in the UIS Data Centre.

The UIS Data Centre contains indicators and raw data on education, literacy, science, culture and communication. The UIS collects these data from more than 200 countries and international organizations.

The UIS is the primary data source of education, literacy and science data for leading publications and databases, such as:

  • Education For All Global Monitoring Report
  • World Development Indicators
  • Human Development Report
  • State of the World’s Children and many others.

The Data Centre provides free access to:

  • The Institute’s databases and survey instruments
  • Country profiles
  • Tools to build your own statistical tables
  • Related documentation and metadata.
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