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Country or AreaSubgroupYearSourceUnitValue 
AlbaniaFemales 15-192014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent01
AlbaniaFemales 20-242014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent01
AlbaniaFemales 25-492014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent01
AlbaniaFemales Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent01
AlbaniaMales 15-192014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent21
AlbaniaMales 20-242014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent151
AlbaniaMales 25-492014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent51
AlbaniaMales Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent51
ArmeniaFemales 15-192014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent02
ArmeniaFemales 20-242014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent02
ArmeniaFemales 25-492014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent02
ArmeniaFemales Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent02
ArmeniaMales 15-192014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent62
ArmeniaMales 20-242014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent242
ArmeniaMales 25-492014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent152
ArmeniaMales Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent152
ArmeniaAll sexes Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent152
AzerbaijanFemales 15-192014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent03
AzerbaijanFemales 20-242014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent03
AzerbaijanFemales 25-492014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent03
AzerbaijanFemales Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent03
AzerbaijanMales 15-192014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent33
AzerbaijanMales 20-242014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent163
AzerbaijanMales 25-492014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent53
AzerbaijanMales Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent63
BelizeFemales Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent14
BelizeMales Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent44
BelizeAll sexes Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent34
BeninFemales 15-192014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent25
BeninFemales 20-242014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent25
BeninFemales 25-492014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent15
BeninFemales Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent15
BeninMales 15-192014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent85
BeninMales 20-242014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent215
BeninMales 25-492014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent265
BeninMales Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent215
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)Males 15-192014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent106
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)Males 20-242014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent216
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)Males 25-492014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent116
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)Males Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent126
BulgariaFemales Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent127
BulgariaMales Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent307
BulgariaAll sexes Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent217
Burkina FasoFemales 15-192014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent12
Burkina FasoFemales 20-242014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent12
Burkina FasoFemales 25-492014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent02
Burkina FasoFemales Adults (15-49)2014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent12
Burkina FasoMales 15-192014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent22
Burkina FasoMales 20-242014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent122
Burkina FasoMales 25-492014UNAIDS_GARPR_Percent232


1 - Source: 2008-09 DHS
2 - Source: 2010 DHS
3 - Source: 2006 DHS
4 - Source: 2014 KAP Study
5 - Source: 2011-12 DHS
6 - Source: 2008 DHS
7 - Source: 2014 Other BSS


Source:  Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

UNAIDS was mandated by the UN General Assembly to monitor progress on global AIDS response in the 2001 General Assembly Special Session on HIV and AIDS, and reaffirmed in the 2011 High Level Meeting.

The Global AIDS Response Progress Reporting data consists of 30 indicators, divided by 10 global targets, which are reported by participating countries on their national response to HIV/AIDS. Data used to be reported every second year from 2004 until 2012, However, starting 2013, data are collected every year to enable effective monitoring towards Millennium Development Goals of 2015. Collected data are published as part of the Global Report on AIDS. In 2015, 177 out of 193 UN member states submitted their reports.

This dataset also includes epidemiological estimates generated using Spectrum software, a suite of easy-to-use policy models which provide policymakers with an analytical tool to support the decision making process.

Download the UNAIDS List of Indicators and Definitions
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