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Source: The State of the World’s Children | United Nations Children's Fund

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Country or AreaSubgroupYearSourceUnitValue 
AfghanistanTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent1001
AngolaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent551
BangladeshTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent941
BeninTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent981
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)Total 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent211
BotswanaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent751
Burkina FasoTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent871
BurundiTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent831
CambodiaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent921
Central African RepublicTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent01
Côte d'IvoireTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent1001
Democratic People's Republic of KoreaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent1001
Democratic Republic of the CongoTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent981
DjiboutiTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent951
East Asia and PacificTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent852
Eastern and Southern AfricaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent722
EritreaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent461
EthiopiaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent711
GambiaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent931
GuatemalaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent281
GuineaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent881
Guinea-BissauTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent1001
HaitiTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent361
IndiaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent661
IndonesiaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent761
Lao People's Democratic RepublicTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent921
Least Developed Countries/TerritoriesTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent822
LiberiaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent961
MadagascarTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent911
MalawiTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent961
MaliTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent961
MauritaniaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent1001
MongoliaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent851
MozambiqueTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent1001
MyanmarTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent961
NepalTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent911
NicaraguaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent21
NigerTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent951
NigeriaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent731
PakistanTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent901
Papua New GuineaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent121
PhilippinesTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent911
RwandaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent761
Sao Tome and PrincipeTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent441
Sierra LeoneTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent991
SomaliaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent121
South AfricaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent441
South AsiaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent732
Sub-Saharan AfricaTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent782
SwazilandTotal 6-59 mo2011UN_UNICEFPercent411


1 - Full coverage with vitamin A supplements is reported as the lower percentage of 2 annual coverage points (i.e., lower point between round 1 (January-June) and round 2 (July-December) of 2011).
2 - Full coverage with vitamin A supplements is reported as the lower percentage of 2 annual coverage points (i.e., lower point between round 1 (January-June) and round 2 (July-December) of 2011). For a complete list of countries and territories in the regions and subregions, see page XX.

The State of the World’s Children

Source:  United Nations Children's Fund

Economic and social statistics on the countries and territories of the world, with particular reference to children’s well-being.
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