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Source: Demographic Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearArea CodeSex CodeCode of CityCode of City typeRecord Type CodeReliability CodeReliabilitySource Year
Egypt20170004145000000250Final figure, complete2018
Egypt20170004150000000250Final figure, complete2018
Egypt20170004162000000250Final figure, complete2018
Egypt20170004166000000250Final figure, complete2018
Egypt20170104145000000250Final figure, complete2018
Egypt20170104150000000250Final figure, complete2018
Egypt20170104162000000250Final figure, complete2018
Egypt20170104166000000250Final figure, complete2018
Egypt20170204145000000250Final figure, complete2018
Egypt20170204150000000250Final figure, complete2018
Egypt20170204162000000250Final figure, complete2018
Egypt20170204166000000250Final figure, complete2018
Egypt20060004143500000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004143800000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004143900000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004145000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004146000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004147000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004148000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004149000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004149500000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004150000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004150700000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004151000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004151300000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004151500000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004151700000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004151800000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004152000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004152500000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004153000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004153300000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004154000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004156000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004157000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004157700000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004158000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004159000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004159500000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004160000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004160500000130Final figure, complete2007
Egypt20060004161000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004161300000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004162000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004162600000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004163000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004164000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004165000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004166000000130Final figure, complete2011
Egypt20060004167000000130Final figure, complete2011


1 - Data refer to usual resident population.
2 - Data refer to Total Urban Governorates.

Demographic Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Statistics Division collects, compiles and disseminates official demographic and social statistics on a wide range of topics. Data have been collected since 1948 through a set of questionnaires dispatched annually to over 230 national statistical offices and have been published in the Demographic Yearbook collection. The Demographic Yearbook disseminates statistics on population size and composition, births, deaths, marriage and divorce, as well as respective rates, on an annual basis. The Demographic Yearbook census datasets cover a wide range of additional topics including economic activity, educational attainment, household characteristics, housing characteristics, ethnicity, language, foreign-born and foreign population. The available Population and Housing Censuses' datasets reported to UNSD for the censuses conducted worldwide since 1995, are now available in UNdata.

This latest update includes several datasets on international travel and migration inflows and outflows, and on incoming and departing international migrants by several characteristics, as reported by the national authorities to the UN Statistics Division for the reference years 2010 to the present as available.
Last update in UNdata: 2021/08/26
Next update in UNdata: 2022/02/15