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Paints and varnishes dispersed or dissolved in a non-aqueous mediumGo toSearch glossaries

Source: Industrial Commodity Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearUnitValue 
Algeria2012Metric tons143,980.001
Algeria2011Metric tons141,843.001
Algeria2010Metric tons141,050.001
Algeria2009Metric tons141,730.001
Algeria2008Metric tons132,360.001
Algeria2007Metric tons119,720.001
Algeria2006Metric tons114,860.001
Algeria2005Metric tons123,746.001
Algeria2004Metric tons122,110.001
Algeria2003Metric tons87,860.001
Algeria2002Metric tons107,000.001
Algeria2001Metric tons105,000.001
Algeria2000Metric tons99,200.001
Algeria1999Metric tons96,900.001
Algeria1998Metric tons90,900.001
Algeria1997Metric tons89,700.001
Algeria1996Metric tons89,300.001
Algeria1995Metric tons94,300.001
Argentina2007Metric tons255,164.002
Argentina2006Metric tons251,262.002
Argentina2005Metric tons241,831.002
Argentina2004Metric tons235,164.002
Argentina2003Metric tons215,203.002
Argentina2002Metric tons145,351.002
Argentina2001Metric tons177,938.002
Argentina2000Metric tons199,633.002
Argentina1999Metric tons205,618.002
Argentina1998Metric tons215,443.002
Argentina1997Metric tons204,020.002
Argentina1996Metric tons182,516.002
Argentina1995Metric tons147,294.002
Azerbaijan2012Metric tons133.20 
Azerbaijan2012Mil. USD0.25 
Azerbaijan2011Metric tons104.90 
Azerbaijan2011Mil. USD0.25 
Azerbaijan2010Metric tons90.60 
Azerbaijan2010Mil. USD0.12 
Azerbaijan2009Metric tons220.80 
Azerbaijan2009Mil. USD0.25 
Azerbaijan2008Metric tons389.50 
Azerbaijan2008Mil. USD0.19 
Azerbaijan2007Metric tons202.60 
Azerbaijan2007Mil. USD0.58 
Azerbaijan2006Metric tons179.50 
Azerbaijan2006Mil. USD0.17 
Azerbaijan2005Metric tons1,441.50 
Azerbaijan2005Mil. USD0.55 
Azerbaijan2004Metric tons294.40 
Azerbaijan2004Mil. USD0.10 
Azerbaijan2003Metric tons280.80 


1 - All paints and varnishes.
2 - All paints.

Industrial Commodity Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Industrial Commodity Statistics Database provides annual statistics on the production of major industrial commodities by country. Data are provided in terms of physical quantities as well as monetary value. The online database covers the years 1995 to 2012. Additional historical data is available on request, based on a different product list, for the years 1950-2003.
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