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Source: Industrial Commodity Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearUnitValue 
Belarus2015Thousand metres119,240.00 
Belarus2014Thousand metres142,823.00 
Belarus2013Thousand metres128,819.00 
Belarus2012Thousand metres133,681.00 
Belarus2011Thousand metres134,361.00 
Belarus2010Thousand metres124,081.00 
Belarus2009Thousand metres126,235.00 
Belarus2008Thousand metres154,709.00 
Belarus2007Thousand metres137,777.00 
Belarus2006Thousand metres129,912.00 
Belarus2005Thousand metres121,638.00 
Brazil2015Metric tons32,641.83 
Brazil2015Mil. USD55.36 
Brazil2014Metric tons20,476.49 
Brazil2014Mil. USD36.18 
Brazil2013Metric tons18,019.71 
Brazil2013Mil. USD30.56 
Brazil2012Metric tons15,097.81 
Brazil2012Mil. USD29.36 
Brazil2011Metric tons14,932.55 
Brazil2011Mil. USD49.02 
Brazil2010Metric tons21,686.10 
Brazil2010Mil. USD39.42 
Brazil2009Metric tons23,823.28 
Brazil2009Mil. USD24.59 
Brazil2008Metric tons4,060.64 
Brazil2008Mil. USD20.90 
Brazil2007Metric tons4,371.26 
Brazil2007Mil. USD14.36 
Brazil2006Metric tons3,062.85 
Brazil2006Mil. USD16.24 
Brazil2005Metric tons4,290.42 
Brazil2005Mil. USD19.90 
Brazil2003Metric tons931.29 
Brazil2003Mil. USD3.42 
Brazil2002Metric tons81.20 
Brazil2002Mil. USD3.04 
Bulgaria2015Thousand square metres0.00 
Bulgaria2015Metric tons0.00 
Bulgaria2015Mil. USD0.00 
Bulgaria2014Thousand square metres0.00 
Bulgaria2014Metric tons0.00 
Bulgaria2014Mil. USD0.00 
Bulgaria2013Thousand square metres0.00 
Bulgaria2013Metric tons0.00 
Bulgaria2013Mil. USD0.00 
Bulgaria2012Thousand square metres0.00 
Bulgaria2012Metric tons0.00 
Bulgaria2012Mil. USD0.00 
Bulgaria2011Thousand square metres0.00 

Industrial Commodity Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Industrial Commodity Statistics Database provides annual statistics on the production of major industrial commodities by country. Data are provided in terms of physical quantities as well as monetary value. The online database covers the years 1995 to 2015. Additional historical data is available on request, based on a different product list, for the years 1950-2003.
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