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Source: Gender Info | United Nations Statistics Division

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AfghanistanFemale2007IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number231
AfghanistanFemale2006IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number232
AfghanistanMale2007IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number791
AfghanistanMale2006IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number792
AlgeriaFemale2007IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number41
AlgeriaFemale2006IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number42
AlgeriaFemale2005IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number43
AlgeriaFemale2004IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number284
AlgeriaFemale2003IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number85
AlgeriaFemale2002IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number86
AlgeriaFemale2001IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number87
AlgeriaFemale2000IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number88
AlgeriaFemale1999IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number89
AlgeriaFemale1998IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number810
AlgeriaMale2007IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number1251
AlgeriaMale2006IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number1402
AlgeriaMale2005IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number1403
AlgeriaMale2004IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number1164
AlgeriaMale2003IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number1365
AlgeriaMale2002IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number1366
AlgeriaMale2001IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number1367
AlgeriaMale2000IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number1368
AlgeriaMale1999IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number1369
AlgeriaMale1998IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number13610
Antigua and BarbudaFemale2007IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number31
Antigua and BarbudaFemale2006IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number32
Antigua and BarbudaFemale2005IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number33
Antigua and BarbudaFemale2004IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number34
Antigua and BarbudaFemale2003IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number25
Antigua and BarbudaFemale2002IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number26
Antigua and BarbudaFemale2001IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number27
Antigua and BarbudaFemale2000IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number28
Antigua and BarbudaFemale1998IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number310
Antigua and BarbudaFemale1997IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number311
Antigua and BarbudaMale2007IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number141
Antigua and BarbudaMale2006IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number142
Antigua and BarbudaMale2005IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number143
Antigua and BarbudaMale2004IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number144
Antigua and BarbudaMale2003IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number155
Antigua and BarbudaMale2002IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number156
Antigua and BarbudaMale2001IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number157
Antigua and BarbudaMale2000IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number158
Antigua and BarbudaMale1998IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number1410
Antigua and BarbudaMale1997IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number1411
ArgentinaFemale2007IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number311
ArgentinaFemale2006IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number302
ArgentinaFemale2005IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number243
ArgentinaFemale2004IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number244
ArgentinaFemale2003IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number245
ArgentinaFemale2002IPU_Women in National Parliaments_Sep2007Number246


1 - Based on sex distribution as of 31 July 2007.
2 - Based on sex distribution as of 31 July 2006.
3 - Based on sex distribution as of 31 July 2005.
4 - Based on sex distribution as of 31 July 2004.
5 - Based on sex distribution as of 31 July 2003.
6 - Based on sex distribution as of 1 July 2002.
7 - Based on sex distribution as of 28 June 2001.
8 - Based on sex distribution as of 15 July 2000.
9 - Based on sex distribution as of 30 July 1999.
10 - Based on sex distribution as of 25 July 1998.
11 - Based on sex distribution as of 1 January 1997.

Gender Info

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

Gender Info 2007 is a global database of gender statistics and indicators on a wide range of policy areas, including: population, families, health, education, work, and political participation. It can be used by governments, international organizations, advocacy groups, researchers and others in need of statistics for planning, analysis, advocacy and awareness-raising. Users will find in Gender Info an easy-to-use tool to shed light on gender issues through customizable tables, graphs and maps. It is an initiative of the United Nations Statistics Division, produced in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

This database is no longer updated. Please visit for other Gender Statistics.
Last update in UNdata: 2008/03/21
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