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Source: FAOSTAT | Food and Agriculture Organization

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Country or AreaElementYearUnitValue 
AfghanistanArea20171000 ha211.00W
AfghanistanArea20161000 ha181.00Q
AfghanistanArea20151000 ha145.00Q
AfghanistanArea20141000 ha139.00Q
AfghanistanArea20131000 ha125.00Q
AfghanistanArea20121000 ha120.00W
AfghanistanArea20111000 ha119.00Q
AfghanistanArea20101000 ha118.00Q
AfghanistanArea20091000 ha117.00Q
AfghanistanArea20081000 ha116.00W
AfghanistanArea20071000 ha116.00W
AfghanistanArea20061000 ha116.00W
AfghanistanArea20051000 ha105.00W
AfghanistanArea20041000 ha95.00W
AfghanistanArea20031000 ha138.00W
AfghanistanArea20021000 ha75.00W
AfghanistanArea20011000 ha70.00W
AfghanistanArea20001000 ha70.00W
AfghanistanArea19991000 ha100.00W
AfghanistanArea19981000 ha110.00Fm
AfghanistanArea19971000 ha105.00Fm
AfghanistanArea19961000 ha105.00Fm
AfghanistanArea19951000 ha100.00W
AfghanistanArea19941000 ha110.00Fm
AfghanistanArea19931000 ha110.00Fm
AfghanistanArea19921000 ha120.00F
AfghanistanArea19911000 ha120.00F
AfghanistanArea19901000 ha130.00F
AfghanistanArea19891000 ha130.00F
AfghanistanArea19881000 ha130.00F
AfghanistanArea19871000 ha135.00F
AfghanistanArea19861000 ha144.00Q
AfghanistanArea19851000 ha144.00Q
AfghanistanArea19841000 ha144.00Q
AfghanistanArea19831000 ha144.00Q
AfghanistanArea19821000 ha144.00Q
AfghanistanArea19811000 ha143.00Q
AfghanistanArea19801000 ha139.00Q
AfghanistanArea19791000 ha139.00Q
AfghanistanArea19781000 ha140.00Q
AfghanistanArea19771000 ha140.00Q
AfghanistanArea19761000 ha138.00F
AfghanistanArea19751000 ha138.00F
AfghanistanArea19741000 ha138.00F
AfghanistanArea19731000 ha138.00F
AfghanistanArea19721000 ha136.00F
AfghanistanArea19711000 ha136.00F
AfghanistanArea19701000 ha136.00F
AfghanistanArea19691000 ha136.00F
AfghanistanArea19681000 ha136.00Q


F - FAO estimate
Fm - Manual Estimation
Q - Official data reported on FAO Questionnaires from countries
W - Data reported on country official publications or web sites (Official) or trade country files


Source:  Food and Agriculture Organization

FAOSTAT provides access to over 3 million time-series and cross sectional data relating to food and agriculture. FAOSTAT contains data for 200 countries and more than 200 primary products and inputs in its core data set.
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