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Africa +31Area Harvested2007Ha322,644A
Africa +31Area Harvested2006Ha321,460A
Africa +31Area Harvested2005Ha317,858A
Africa +31Area Harvested2004Ha304,867A
Africa +31Area Harvested2003Ha291,932A
Africa +31Area Harvested2002Ha290,959A
Africa +31Area Harvested2001Ha280,474A
Africa +31Area Harvested2000Ha283,007A
Africa +31Area Harvested1999Ha282,541A
Africa +31Area Harvested1998Ha273,239A
Africa +31Area Harvested1997Ha254,775A
Africa +31Area Harvested1996Ha248,579A
Africa +31Area Harvested1995Ha231,203A
Africa +31Area Harvested1994Ha216,262A
Africa +31Area Harvested1993Ha214,616A
Africa +31Area Harvested1992Ha205,363A
Africa +31Area Harvested1991Ha204,009A
Africa +31Area Harvested1990Ha186,694A
Africa +31Area Harvested1989Ha183,438A
Africa +31Area Harvested1988Ha191,550A
Africa +31Area Harvested1987Ha186,085A
Africa +31Area Harvested1986Ha181,626A
Africa +31Area Harvested1985Ha167,602A
Africa +31Area Harvested1984Ha167,411A
Africa +31Area Harvested1983Ha164,690A
Africa +31Area Harvested1982Ha154,607A
Africa +31Area Harvested1981Ha147,480A
Africa +31Area Harvested1980Ha145,790A
Africa +31Area Harvested1979Ha148,426A
Africa +31Area Harvested1978Ha152,156A
Africa +31Area Harvested1977Ha171,221A
Africa +31Area Harvested1976Ha169,140A
Africa +31Area Harvested1975Ha145,748A
Africa +31Area Harvested1974Ha147,316A
Africa +31Area Harvested1973Ha137,465A
Africa +31Area Harvested1972Ha132,283A
Africa +31Area Harvested1971Ha131,456A
Africa +31Area Harvested1970Ha120,393A
Africa +31Area Harvested1969Ha115,557A
Africa +31Area Harvested1968Ha104,890A
Africa +31Area Harvested1967Ha105,517A
Africa +31Area Harvested1966Ha104,638A
Africa +31Area Harvested1965Ha97,200A
Africa +31Area Harvested1964Ha95,925A
Africa +31Area Harvested1963Ha93,443A
Africa +31Area Harvested1962Ha89,947A
Africa +31Area Harvested1961Ha91,048A
Africa +41Yield2007Hg/Ha163,989A
Africa +41Yield2006Hg/Ha164,953A
Africa +41Yield2005Hg/Ha164,564A


A - May include official, semi-official or estimated data

FAO Data

Source:  Food and Agriculture Organization

FAOSTAT provides access to over 3 million time-series and cross sectional data relating to food and agriculture. FAOSTAT contains data for 200 countries and more than 200 primary products and inputs in its core data set. The national version of FAOSTAT, CountrySTAT, is being implemented in about 20 countries and three regions. It offers a two-way bridge amongst sub-national, national, regional and international statistics on food and agriculture.
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