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Country or AreaCommodity - TransactionYearUnitQuantity 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2020Terajoules107,797 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2019Terajoules106,421 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2018Terajoules105,044 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2017Terajoules103,650 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2016Terajoules102,127 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2015Terajoules100,681 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2014Terajoules99,191 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2013Terajoules97,667 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2012Terajoules96,099 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2011Terajoules94,510 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2010Terajoules92,916 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2009Terajoules91,327 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2008Terajoules89,745 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2007Terajoules88,177 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2006Terajoules86,612 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2005Terajoules85,055 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2004Terajoules84,255 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2003Terajoules83,424 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2002Terajoules82,590 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2001Terajoules81,813 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production2000Terajoules81,130 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production1999Terajoules80,583 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production1998Terajoules80,152 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production1997Terajoules79,773 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production1996Terajoules79,334 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production1995Terajoules78,761 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production1994Terajoules78,000 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production1993Terajoules76,395 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production1992Terajoules74,657 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production1991Terajoules72,957 
AngolaVegetal waste - Production1990Terajoules71,294 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production2012Terajoules29,978 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production2011Terajoules27,586 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production2010Terajoules27,997 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production2009Terajoules24,922 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production2008Terajoules24,922 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production2007Terajoules25,330 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production2006Terajoules25,456 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production2005Terajoules29,391 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production2004Terajoules28,428 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production2003Terajoules68,740 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production2002Terajoules66,738 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production1994Terajoules44,063 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production1993Terajoules39,938 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production1992Terajoules41,488 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production1991Terajoules47,025 
ArgentinaVegetal waste - Production1990Terajoules40,375 
AustraliaVegetal waste - Production2020Terajoules4,634 
AustraliaVegetal waste - Production2019Terajoules2,665 
AustraliaVegetal waste - Production2018Terajoules5,257 


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