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Country or AreaCommodity - TransactionYearUnitQuantity 
AlgeriaUranium - reasonably assured reserves2011Metric Tons19,500 
ArgentinaUranium - production2004Metric Tons1 
ArgentinaUranium - production1998Metric Tons7 
ArgentinaUranium - production1997Metric Tons30 
ArgentinaUranium - production1996Metric Tons16 
ArgentinaUranium - production1995Metric Tons65 
ArgentinaUranium - production1994Metric Tons79 
ArgentinaUranium - production1993Metric Tons126 
ArgentinaUranium - production1992Metric Tons123 
ArgentinaUranium - production1991Metric Tons18 
ArgentinaUranium - production1990Metric Tons9 
ArgentinaUranium - reasonably assured reserves2011Metric Tons8,600 
ArgentinaUranium - estimated additional reserves2011Metric Tons11,000 
AustraliaUranium - production2017Metric Tons5,882 
AustraliaUranium - production2016Metric Tons6,315 
AustraliaUranium - production2015Metric Tons5,654 
AustraliaUranium - production2014Metric Tons5,001 
AustraliaUranium - production2013Metric Tons6,350 
AustraliaUranium - production2012Metric Tons7,009 
AustraliaUranium - production2011Metric Tons5,967 
AustraliaUranium - production2010Metric Tons5,900 
AustraliaUranium - production2009Metric Tons7,934 
AustraliaUranium - production2008Metric Tons8,433 
AustraliaUranium - production2007Metric Tons8,602 
AustraliaUranium - production2006Metric Tons7,593 
AustraliaUranium - production2005Metric Tons9,512 
AustraliaUranium - production2004Metric Tons8,982 
AustraliaUranium - production2003Metric Tons7,573 
AustraliaUranium - production2002Metric Tons6,854 
AustraliaUranium - production2001Metric Tons7,720 
AustraliaUranium - production2000Metric Tons7,579 
AustraliaUranium - production1999Metric Tons5,984 
AustraliaUranium - production1998Metric Tons4,894 
AustraliaUranium - production1997Metric Tons5,488 
AustraliaUranium - production1996Metric Tons4,975 
AustraliaUranium - production1995Metric Tons3,712 
AustraliaUranium - production1994Metric Tons2,208 
AustraliaUranium - production1993Metric Tons2,256 
AustraliaUranium - production1992Metric Tons2,334 
AustraliaUranium - production1991Metric Tons3,776 
AustraliaUranium - production1990Metric Tons3,530 
AustraliaUranium - reasonably assured reserves2014Metric Tons1,174,000 
AustraliaUranium - reasonably assured reserves2011Metric Tons1,180,100 
AustraliaUranium - estimated additional reserves2011Metric Tons558,700 
BelgiumUranium - production1998Metric Tons15 
BelgiumUranium - production1997Metric Tons27 
BelgiumUranium - production1996Metric Tons28 
BelgiumUranium - production1995Metric Tons25 
BelgiumUranium - production1994Metric Tons40 
BelgiumUranium - production1993Metric Tons34 


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The Energy Statistics Database contains comprehensive energy statistics on the production, trade, conversion and final consumption of primary and secondary; conventional and non-conventional; and new and renewable sources of energy. The Energy Statistics dataset, covering the period from 1990 onwards, is available at UNdata. For data prior to 1990, please refer to

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