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Country or AreaCommodity - TransactionYearUnitQuantity 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2017Terajoules21,196 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2016Terajoules20,073 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2015Terajoules20,521 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2014Terajoules20,977 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2013Terajoules20,081 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2012Terajoules21,031 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2011Terajoules21,761 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2010Terajoules19,290 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2009Terajoules6,200 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2008Terajoules9,107 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2007Terajoules8,509 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2006Terajoules7,334 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2005Terajoules7,223 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2004Terajoules9,788 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2003Terajoules9,833 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2002Terajoules9,472 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2001Terajoules8,732 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production2000Terajoules8,419 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production1999Terajoules8,299 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production1998Terajoules8,330 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production1997Terajoules8,330 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production1996Terajoules8,394 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production1995Terajoules8,552 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production1994Terajoules8,495 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production1993Terajoules6,594 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production1992Terajoules6,137 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production1991Terajoules6,572 
AustraliaBlack Liquor - Production1990Terajoules6,240 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2017Terajoules32,663 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2016Terajoules32,785 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2015Terajoules28,545 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2014Terajoules30,329 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2013Terajoules30,088 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2012Terajoules27,689 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2011Terajoules27,320 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2010Terajoules26,991 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2009Terajoules24,927 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2008Terajoules25,782 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2007Terajoules25,066 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2006Terajoules24,680 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2005Terajoules26,647 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2004Terajoules24,239 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2003Terajoules22,916 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2002Terajoules22,718 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2001Terajoules23,238 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production2000Terajoules24,060 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production1999Terajoules23,561 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production1998Terajoules22,916 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production1997Terajoules21,675 
AustriaBlack Liquor - Production1996Terajoules21,174 


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