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AfghanistanNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2014Terajoules1,935,4421
AfghanistanNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2008Terajoules1,951,050 
AfghanistanNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2007Terajoules1,951,050 
AfghanistanNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2006Terajoules1,951,050 
AfghanistanNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2005Terajoules1,951,050 
AfghanistanNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2000Terajoules3,902,100 
AfghanistanNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1999Terajoules3,902,100 
AfghanistanNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1998Terajoules3,902,100 
AfghanistanNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1997Terajoules3,863,079 
AfghanistanNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1993Terajoules3,863,079 
AfghanistanNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1990Terajoules3,902,100 
AlbaniaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2014Terajoules31,2171
AlbaniaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2008Terajoules195,105 
AlbaniaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2007Terajoules78,042 
AlbaniaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2005Terajoules78,042 
AlbaniaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2000Terajoules78,042 
AlbaniaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1999Terajoules77,644 
AlbaniaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1998Terajoules78,042 
AlbaniaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1997Terajoules78,042 
AlbaniaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1993Terajoules78,042 
AlbaniaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1990Terajoules780,420 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2014Terajoules175,750,584 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2008Terajoules175,750,584 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2007Terajoules175,750,584 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2005Terajoules175,750,584 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2000Terajoules144,377,700 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1999Terajoules144,377,700 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1998Terajoules144,377,700 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1997Terajoules143,987,490 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1993Terajoules144,377,700 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1990Terajoules128,769,300 
AngolaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2014Terajoules12,022,3701
AngolaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2008Terajoules6,282,381 
AngolaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2007Terajoules6,282,381 
AngolaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2005Terajoules4,409,373 
AngolaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2000Terajoules1,951,050 
AngolaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1999Terajoules1,951,050 
AngolaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1998Terajoules1,873,008 
AngolaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1997Terajoules1,873,008 
AngolaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1993Terajoules1,990,071 
AngolaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1990Terajoules1,990,071 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2014Terajoules12,962,776 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2008Terajoules15,569,379 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2007Terajoules17,247,282 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2005Terajoules17,130,219 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources2000Terajoules26,144,070 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1999Terajoules26,144,070 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1998Terajoules26,144,070 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1997Terajoules26,768,406 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - total resources1993Terajoules20,173,857 


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