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Country or AreaCommodity - TransactionYearUnitQuantity 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2019Terajoules772,030 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2018Terajoules740,892 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2017Terajoules722,981 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2016Terajoules680,994 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2015Terajoules701,791 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2014Terajoules623,247 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2013Terajoules573,653 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2012Terajoules590,449 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2011Terajoules536,970 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2010Terajoules477,739 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2009Terajoules477,300 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2008Terajoules463,345 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2007Terajoules427,740 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2006Terajoules421,435 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2005Terajoules395,453 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2004Terajoules381,324 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2003Terajoules336,335 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2002Terajoules331,384 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2001Terajoules316,429 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2000Terajoules300,315 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation1999Terajoules326,424 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation1998Terajoules308,020 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation1997Terajoules274,471 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation1996Terajoules260,435 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation1995Terajoules259,020 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation1994Terajoules252,618 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation1993Terajoules237,719 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation1992Terajoules200,313 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation1991Terajoules192,337 
AlgeriaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation1990Terajoules179,712 
AngolaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2019Terajoules14,783 
AngolaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2018Terajoules867 
AngolaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2017Terajoules361 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2020Terajoules533,824 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2019Terajoules595,249 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2018Terajoules659,367 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2017Terajoules699,685 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2016Terajoules625,835 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2015Terajoules585,550 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2014Terajoules576,765 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2013Terajoules582,890 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2012Terajoules688,255 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2011Terajoules626,708 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2010Terajoules586,554 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2009Terajoules616,394 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2008Terajoules615,354 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2007Terajoules582,151 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2006Terajoules536,914 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2005Terajoules506,552 
ArgentinaNatural gas (including LNG) - transformation2004Terajoules492,022 


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