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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Afghanistan2018Razors including safety razors, open blade razorsImport220,72410,769No Quantity0
Albania2018Spades and shovelsImport70,21949,770Weight in kilograms49,770
Albania2018Mattocks, picks, hoes and rakesImport37,65224,524Weight in kilograms24,524
Albania2018Axes, bill hooks and similar hewing toolsImport9,1183,598Weight in kilograms3,598
Albania2018Secateurs, one handed shears including poultry shearsImport10,053319Weight in kilograms319
Albania2018Hedge shears and similar two-handed shearsImport68,82115,272Weight in kilograms15,272
Albania2018Scythes, sickles etc used in agriculture, etcImport64,60226,201Weight in kilograms26,201
Albania2018Hand sawsImport35,4129,153Weight in kilograms9,153
Albania2018Band saw bladesImport24,3042,459Weight in kilograms2,459
Albania2018Circular saw blades, working part of steelImport64,4384,400Weight in kilograms4,400
Albania2018Circular saw blades, working part other than steelImport23,2021,320Weight in kilograms1,320
Albania2018Chain saw bladesImport2435Weight in kilograms5
Albania2018Saw blades, straight, for working metalImport513215Weight in kilograms215
Albania2018Saw blades nes, including stone cutting, etcImport154,0505,745Weight in kilograms5,745
Albania2018Files, rasps and similar toolsImport46,5195,407Weight in kilograms5,407
Albania2018Pliers, pincers, tweezers and similar toolsImport226,84533,275Weight in kilograms33,275
Albania2018Metal and wire cutting shears, etcImport12,4373,617Weight in kilograms3,617
Albania2018Pipe-cutters, bolt croppers, perforating punches etc.Import24,438545Weight in kilograms545
Albania2018Wrenches, hand-operated, with non-adjustable jawsImport142,34037,298Weight in kilograms37,298
Albania2018Wrenches, hand-operated, with adjustable jawsImport49,89215,235Weight in kilograms15,235
Albania2018Wrench sockets, ratchet handles, extensions, spinnersImport71,50913,973Weight in kilograms13,973
Albania2018Drilling, threading or tapping toolsImport35,7991,180Weight in kilograms1,180
Albania2018Hammers including sledge hammersImport46,51327,033Weight in kilograms27,033
Albania2018ScrewdriversImport91,87414,818Weight in kilograms14,818
Albania2018Cork screws, nut-crackers and other household toolsImport118,07917,779Weight in kilograms17,779
Albania2018Tools for masons/watchmakers/miners, hand tools nesImport1,079,138227,655Weight in kilograms227,655
Albania2018Blow lampsImport4319Weight in kilograms9
Albania2018Vices, clamps and the likeImport50,71116,412Weight in kilograms16,412
Albania2018Sets of hand toolsImport25,2623,571Weight in kilograms3,571
Albania2018Sets of hand tools, retailImport50,3037,661Weight in kilograms7,661
Albania2018Rock drilling, boring heads of sintered metal, carbidImport52,8152,636Weight in kilograms2,636
Albania2018Rock drilling or earth boring tools except carbideImport424,10116,119Weight in kilograms16,119
Albania2018Dies for drawing or extruding metalImport117,39912,276Weight in kilograms12,276
Albania2018Tools for pressing, stamping or punchingImport68,3015,704Weight in kilograms5,704
Albania2018Tools for tapping or threadingImport19,968563Weight in kilograms563
Albania2018Tools for drilling, other than for rock drillingImport336,81718,147Weight in kilograms18,147
Albania2018Tools for boring or broachingImport5,1601,486Weight in kilograms1,486
Albania2018Tools for millingImport58,7761,122Weight in kilograms1,122
Albania2018Tools for turningImport278110Weight in kilograms110
Albania2018Screwdriver bits and other interchangeable toolsImport297,62926,471Weight in kilograms26,471
Albania2018Screwdriver bits and other interchangeable toolsExport2,401119Weight in kilograms119
Albania2018Blades for metal working machinesImport2443Weight in kilograms3
Albania2018Blades for kitchen appliances & food industry machineImport157100Weight in kilograms100
Albania2018Blades for agricultural and forestry machineryImport28416Weight in kilograms16
Albania2018Blades for leather, paper, tobacco etc. industriesImport835,39344,353Weight in kilograms44,353
Albania2018Blades for leather, paper, tobacco etc. industriesExport429,27418,195Weight in kilograms18,195
Albania2018Hand-operated appliances, food preparation, <10kgImport86,73324,376Weight in kilograms24,376
Albania2018Sets of different knives, cutlery setsImport54,8757,661Number of items5,682
Albania2018Table knivesImport168,51243,345Number of items620,335
Albania2018Butcher's knives, hunting knives etcImport131,76928,122Number of items259,261

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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