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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Albania2018Cobalt, articles thereof, nesImport12,696284Weight in kilograms284
Albania2016Cobalt, articles thereof, nesImport24,251162Weight in kilograms162
Albania2016Titanium, articles thereof, nesImport31,6533,697Weight in kilograms3,697
Albania2015Cobalt, unwrought, matte, waste or scrap, powdersImport6,26338Weight in kilograms38
Albania2015Cobalt, articles thereof, nesImport33,523234Weight in kilograms234
Albania2014Cobalt, articles thereof, nesImport24,245145Weight in kilograms145
Albania2013Magnesium, articles thereof nesImport44673Weight in kilograms73
Albania2013Cobalt, unwrought, matte, waste or scrap, powdersImport8,44440Weight in kilograms40
Albania2013Cobalt, articles thereof, nesImport34,211287Weight in kilograms287
Albania2013Cobalt, articles thereof, nesExport4,58534Weight in kilograms34
Albania2013Titanium, unwrought, waste or scrap, powdersImport8,0881,013Weight in kilograms1,013
Albania2013Titanium, unwrought, waste or scrap, powdersExport1,85422,750Weight in kilograms22,750
Albania2013Titanium, articles thereof, nesImport6,90919Weight in kilograms19
Albania2013Zirconium, unwrought, waste or scrap, powdersImport7,15117Weight in kilograms17
Albania2013Zirconium, articles thereof, nesImport3,12837Weight in kilograms37
Albania2013Manganese, articles thereof, waste or scrapImport5,0171,435Weight in kilograms1,435
Albania2013Chromium, articles thereof, waste or scrap/powdersImport3,836300Weight in kilograms300
Albania2012Tungsten (wolfram) and articles thereof nesImport14,106150Weight in kilograms150
Albania2012Molybdenum, articles thereof nesImport3,2274Weight in kilograms4
Albania2012Magnesium unwrought nesImport5,1611,291Weight in kilograms1,291
Albania2012Magnesium, articles thereof nesImport23987Weight in kilograms87
Albania2012Cobalt, unwrought, matte, waste or scrap, powdersImport13,91735Weight in kilograms35
Albania2012Cobalt, articles thereof, nesImport21,245136Weight in kilograms136
Albania2012Titanium, unwrought, waste or scrap, powdersImport1,028114Weight in kilograms114
Albania2012Titanium, articles thereof, nesImport11,3521,253Weight in kilograms1,253
Albania2012Zirconium, unwrought, waste or scrap, powdersImport29,47060Weight in kilograms60
Albania2012Zirconium, articles thereof, nesImport9,08331Weight in kilograms31
Albania2012Manganese, articles thereof, waste or scrapImport423113Weight in kilograms113
Albania2012Chromium, articles thereof, waste or scrap/powdersImport8910Weight in kilograms0
Albania2011Magnesium waste or scrapExport4,9553,929Weight in kilograms3,929
Albania2011Magnesium, articles thereof nesImport3,570755Weight in kilograms755
Albania2011Cobalt, unwrought, matte, waste or scrap, powdersImport2,28210Weight in kilograms10
Albania2011Cobalt, articles thereof, nesImport51,282374Weight in kilograms374
Albania2011Titanium, articles thereof, nesImport8,4451,564Weight in kilograms1,564
Albania2011Manganese, articles thereof, waste or scrapImport15,6684,612Weight in kilograms4,612
Albania2011Beryllium, unwrought, waste or scrap/powdersImport26610Weight in kilograms10
Albania2011Chromium, articles thereof, waste or scrap/powdersImport9685Weight in kilograms5
Albania2010Powders, tungsten (wolfram)Import3012Weight in kilograms2
Albania2010Tungsten unwrought, bars/rods simply sintered, scrapImport6,7412,446Weight in kilograms2,446
Albania2010Tungsten (wolfram) and articles thereof nesImport85410Weight in kilograms10
Albania2010Magnesium unwrought nesImport1,1291,343Weight in kilograms1,343
Albania2010Magnesium, articles thereof nesImport2,82314Weight in kilograms14
Albania2010Cobalt, unwrought, matte, waste or scrap, powdersImport1,3567Weight in kilograms7
Albania2010Cobalt, articles thereof, nesImport23,400105Weight in kilograms105
Albania2010Cobalt, articles thereof, nesExport28,089146Weight in kilograms146
Albania2010Titanium, articles thereof, nesImport1,9883Weight in kilograms3
Albania2010Zirconium, articles thereof, nesImport3,3193Weight in kilograms3
Albania2010Antimony, articles thereof, waste or scrapImport5,322590Weight in kilograms590
Albania2010Manganese, articles thereof, waste or scrapImport10,3745,520Weight in kilograms5,520
Albania2010Chromium, articles thereof, waste or scrap/powdersImport2,31439Weight in kilograms39

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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