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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Albania2017Copper/copper alloy waste or scrapExport5,332,4681,109,850Weight in kilograms1,109,850
Albania2017Bars, rods & profiles of refined copperImport111,73912,697Weight in kilograms12,697
Albania2017Bars, rods & profiles of copper-zinc base alloysImport6,851834Weight in kilograms834
Albania2017Bars, rods & profiles, copper alloy nesImport22,6753,936Weight in kilograms3,936
Albania2017Plate, sheet, strip, refined copper, coil, t > 0.15mmImport57,8749,219Weight in kilograms9,219
Albania2017Plate, sheet, strip, refined copper, flat, t > 0.15mmImport87,45112,339Weight in kilograms12,339
Albania2017Pipes or tubes, refined copperImport1,008,495117,026Weight in kilograms117,026
Albania2017Pipes or tubes, copper-zinc base alloyImport12,048884Weight in kilograms884
Albania2017Pipe & tube fittings, of refined copperImport19,1391,178Weight in kilograms1,178
Albania2017Pipe & tube fittings, of copper alloysImport2,242,265179,401Weight in kilograms179,401
Albania2017Copper screws, bolts or nuts except wood screwsImport814149Weight in kilograms149
Albania2017Table/kitchen articles of copper, pot scourersImport21,3093,568Weight in kilograms3,568
Albania2017Sanitary ware and parts thereof of copperImport59,1295,004Weight in kilograms5,004
Albania2017Articles of copper, nesImport593,42420,825Weight in kilograms20,825
Albania2016Copper-zinc base alloys, unwroughtImport3,25468Weight in kilograms68
Albania2016Copper-tin base alloys, unwroughtImport13,1901,483Weight in kilograms1,483
Albania2016Copper/copper alloy waste or scrapExport10,281,3992,428,098Weight in kilograms2,428,098
Albania2016Bars, rods & profiles of refined copperImport70,1359,593Weight in kilograms9,593
Albania2016Bars, rods & profiles of copper-zinc base alloysImport10,147783Weight in kilograms783
Albania2016Bars, rods & profiles, copper alloy nesImport55,4177,269Weight in kilograms7,269
Albania2016Wire of refined copper < 6mm wideImport37,0636,194Weight in kilograms6,194
Albania2016Wire, copper alloy, except nickel/zinc alloysImport260,64350,582Weight in kilograms50,582
Albania2016Plate, sheet, strip, refined copper, coil, t > 0.15mmImport140,97121,685Weight in kilograms21,685
Albania2016Plate, sheet, strip, refined copper, flat, t > 0.15mmImport165,33427,139Weight in kilograms27,139
Albania2016Plate/sheet/strip, copper-tin alloy, flat, > t >0.15mImport1,07513Weight in kilograms13
Albania2016Pipes or tubes, refined copperImport1,280,800162,676Weight in kilograms162,676
Albania2016Pipes or tubes, copper-zinc base alloyImport41,7195,363Weight in kilograms5,363
Albania2016Pipes or tubes, copper alloy except nickel/zinc alloyImport22,9132,689Weight in kilograms2,689
Albania2016Pipe & tube fittings, of refined copperImport40,8082,514Weight in kilograms2,514
Albania2016Pipe & tube fittings, of copper alloysImport1,570,084120,525Weight in kilograms120,525
Albania2016Pipe & tube fittings, of copper alloysExport7,154396Weight in kilograms396
Albania2016Stranded copper wire/cable/plaits/etc, uninsulatedImport48,7397,875Weight in kilograms7,875
Albania2016Copper washers, including spring washersImport3,83210Weight in kilograms10
Albania2016Copper cotters/cotter pins/unthreaded hardware nesImport1,882110Weight in kilograms110
Albania2016Copper screws, bolts or nuts except wood screwsImport7,6871,952Weight in kilograms1,952
Albania2016Copper screw hooks and similar articlesImport12,263521Weight in kilograms521
Albania2016Table/kitchen articles of copper, pot scourersImport29,2913,260Weight in kilograms3,260
Albania2016Sanitary ware and parts thereof of copperImport64,4273,215Weight in kilograms3,215
Albania2016Articles of copper, nesImport248,90412,827Weight in kilograms12,827
Albania2015Copper-tin base alloys, unwroughtImport26628Weight in kilograms28
Albania2015Copper/copper alloy waste or scrapExport10,720,3062,243,199Weight in kilograms2,243,199
Albania2015Bars, rods & profiles of refined copperImport41,2404,131Weight in kilograms4,131
Albania2015Bars, rods & profiles of copper-zinc base alloysImport15,2221,420Weight in kilograms1,420
Albania2015Bars, rods & profiles, copper alloy nesImport66,7566,817Weight in kilograms6,817
Albania2015Wire of refined copper < 6mm wideImport2,376792Weight in kilograms792
Albania2015Wire, copper alloy, except nickel/zinc alloysImport257,05529,878Weight in kilograms29,878
Albania2015Plate, sheet, strip, refined copper, coil, t > 0.15mmImport40,7025,927Weight in kilograms5,927
Albania2015Plate, sheet, strip, refined copper, flat, t > 0.15mmImport89,41713,368Weight in kilograms13,368
Albania2015Pipes or tubes, refined copperImport1,203,705142,723Weight in kilograms142,723
Albania2015Pipes or tubes, copper-zinc base alloyImport50,7576,322Weight in kilograms6,322

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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