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Trade of goods , US$, HS 1992, 73 Articles of iron or steelGo toSearch glossaries

Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Afghanistan2018Containers for compressed/liquefied gas, iron or steeImport7,096,4551,714,060Weight in kilograms1,714,060
Afghanistan2018Net/fencing, welded, iron or non-alloy steel <3mm wire, <100cm meshImport2,0962,353Weight in kilograms2,353
Afghanistan2018Cooking appliances for gas fuel, etc, iron or steelImport7,959,7911,182,737Number of items59,864
Afghanistan2018Cooking appliances for solid fuel, iron or steelImport4,849,7271,251,493Number of items30,984
Albania2018Angles, shapes and sections, welded, iron or steelImport980440Weight in kilograms440
Albania2018Rail/tramway construction material of iron/steel, nesImport764800Weight in kilograms800
Albania2018Tubes, pipes and hollow profiles, of cast ironImport17,56210,392Weight in kilograms10,392
Albania2018Pipes, line, iron or steel, for oil or gas pipelinesImport89,90360,670Weight in kilograms60,670
Albania2018Iron/non-alloy steel pipe, cold drawn/rolled, nesImport110,69214,021Weight in kilograms14,021
Albania2018Iron/non-alloy steel pipe or tubing, nesImport533,802380,703Weight in kilograms380,703
Albania2018Stainless steel pipe or tubing, except cold rolledImport7,726,5167,874,661Weight in kilograms7,874,661
Albania2018Iron or steel tubes, pipes or hollow profiles, nesImport259,30340,240Weight in kilograms40,240
Albania2018Steel pipes nes, longitudinally welded diameter>406mmImport401,416559,911Weight in kilograms559,911
Albania2018Pipe (oil/gas line) iron or steel nes, diameter <406mImport803420Weight in kilograms420
Albania2018Casings,circular, iron/steel, oil/gas drilling <406mmImport22,9272,390Weight in kilograms2,390
Albania2018Pipes etc nes, iron/steel welded nes,diameter <406.4mImport1,247,9461,146,062Weight in kilograms1,146,062
Albania2018Pipes and tubing, stainless steel, weldedImport411,550131,267Weight in kilograms131,267
Albania2018Pipes and tubing, alloy steel nes, weldedImport1,661551Weight in kilograms551
Albania2018Hollow profiles/tubes,iron/steel,non-circular, weldedImport2,930,5763,522,950Weight in kilograms3,522,950
Albania2018Tube/pipe/hollow profile, iron/steel,riveted/open seaImport1,411,2761,583,674Weight in kilograms1,583,674
Albania2018Pipe fittings of non-malleable cast ironImport88,9595,982Weight in kilograms5,982
Albania2018Pipe fittings of malleable iron or steel, castImport727,483121,126Weight in kilograms121,126
Albania2018Flanges, stainless steelImport110,74812,910Weight in kilograms12,910
Albania2018Threaded elbows, bends and sleeves of stainless steelImport188,25828,013Weight in kilograms28,013
Albania2018Pipe fittings, butt welding of stainless steelImport17,820280Weight in kilograms280
Albania2018Pipe fittings of stainless steel except butt weldingImport40,6834,562Weight in kilograms4,562
Albania2018Pipe flanges, iron or steel except stainless/castImport115,60838,555Weight in kilograms38,555
Albania2018Threaded fittings, iron or steel except stainless/casImport113,32445,324Weight in kilograms45,324
Albania2018Butt weld fittings, iron/steel except stainless/castImport52,25316,497Weight in kilograms16,497
Albania2018Fittings, pipe or tube, iron or steel, nesImport302,93392,733Weight in kilograms92,733
Albania2018Towers and lattice masts, iron or steelImport728,016295,579Weight in kilograms295,579
Albania2018Doors, windows, frames of iron or steelImport1,057,575317,685Weight in kilograms317,685
Albania2018Doors, windows, frames of iron or steelExport23,7009,946Weight in kilograms9,946
Albania2018Props etc for scaffold, shuttering, pits, iron/steelImport1,785,170969,699Weight in kilograms969,699
Albania2018Props etc for scaffold, shuttering, pits, iron/steelExport65,428106,923Weight in kilograms106,923
Albania2018Structures and parts of structures, iron or steel, neImport24,886,66415,272,679Weight in kilograms15,272,679
Albania2018Structures and parts of structures, iron or steel, neExport6,938,2014,334,374Weight in kilograms4,334,374
Albania2018Reservoirs/tanks/vats/etc, iron/steel capacity >300lImport1,668,326404,855Weight in kilograms404,855
Albania2018Reservoirs/tanks/vats/etc, iron/steel capacity >300lExport2,2226,220Weight in kilograms6,220
Albania2018Tank, cask or container, iron/steel, capacity 50-300lImport215,09778,331Weight in kilograms78,331
Albania2018Cans, iron/steel, capacity <50l closed by crimp/soldeImport20,3678,590Weight in kilograms8,590
Albania2018Cans, iron or steel, capacity <50 litres nesImport359,701153,700Weight in kilograms153,700
Albania2018Containers for compressed/liquefied gas, iron or steeImport1,257,031877,561Weight in kilograms877,561
Albania2018Stranded steel wire/cable/etc, no electric insulationImport2,344,5291,317,803Weight in kilograms1,317,803
Albania2018Plaited bands/etc, iron/steel, no electric insulationImport49,38213,382Weight in kilograms13,382
Albania2018Wire for fencing, including barbed wireImport5,5634,801Weight in kilograms4,801
Albania2018Net/fencing, welded, iron or non-alloy steel <3mm wire, <100cm meshImport258,166265,160Weight in kilograms265,160
Albania2018Net/fencing, welded iron or non-alloy steel, heavyImport350,358316,752Weight in kilograms316,752
Albania2018Net/fencing, galvanized iron or non-alloy steel <3mm wire, <100cm meshImport172,787111,569Weight in kilograms111,569
Albania2018Net/fencing, iron or steel <3mm wire, <100cm mesh, neImport38,32533,455Weight in kilograms33,455

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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