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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Afghanistan2018Ampoules of glass for conveyance or packingImport1,541,762166,950Weight in kilograms166,950
Afghanistan2018Glass envelopes except lighting or cathode-ray tubesImport74,3334,646Weight in kilograms4,646
Afghanistan2018Articles of glass except jewellery nes, toy glass eyeImport775,950370,705Weight in kilograms370,705
Albania2018Cast glass sheet, non-wired, clearImport7524,611No Quantity0
Albania2018Float glass etc sheets, absorbent or reflecting layerImport113,880139,559Area in square metres13,850
Albania2018Float glass etc in sheets, non-wired, clearImport84,980175,837Area in square metres17,115
Albania2018Cast, drawn or float glass sheet, edge worked or bentImport16,45017,668Weight in kilograms17,668
Albania2018Safety glass (tempered) for vehicles, aircraft, etcImport66,78910,705Weight in kilograms10,705
Albania2018Safety glass, toughened (tempered), non-vehicle useImport12,1943,396No Quantity0
Albania2018Safety glass (laminated) for vehicles, aircraft, etcImport235,67132,613Weight in kilograms32,613
Albania2018Safety glass, laminated, non vehicle useImport502,616649,149No Quantity0
Albania2018Multiple-walled insulating units of glassImport5,7794,269Weight in kilograms4,269
Albania2018Rear-view mirrors for vehiclesImport54,98810,105Weight in kilograms10,105
Albania2018Glass mirrors, unframedImport310,002239,808Weight in kilograms239,808
Albania2018Glass mirrors, framedImport341,994121,275Weight in kilograms121,275
Albania2018Glass containers nes for packing or conveyance goodsImport5,546,7757,406,369Weight in kilograms7,406,369
Albania2018Glass-ceramic ware for table kitchen, etcImport517,610298,586Weight in kilograms298,586
Albania2018Drinking glasses of lead crystalImport7,5476,515Weight in kilograms6,515
Albania2018Drinking glasses, except lead crystal or glass ceramiImport2,698,2271,787,456Weight in kilograms1,787,456
Albania2018Lead crystal table, kitchen glass (not drink glasses)Import43,45926,279Weight in kilograms26,279
Albania2018Table, kitchenware of low expansion glass (Pyrex etc)Import13,598722Weight in kilograms722
Albania2018Glass table or kitchenware, except low expansion glasImport943,345522,317Weight in kilograms522,317
Albania2018Glassware, not kitchen or table ware, not lead crystaImport586,599397,053Weight in kilograms397,053
Albania2018Signalling glassware, unworked optical elementsImport2,9651,424Weight in kilograms1,424
Albania2018Glass cubes, mosaic tilesImport22,26215,046Weight in kilograms15,046
Albania2018Glass blocks, bricks, tiles, leaded lights, etcImport26,54622,440Weight in kilograms22,440
Albania2018Fused quartz laboratory, hygienic or pharmeutical warImport12,02164Weight in kilograms64
Albania2018Low expansion laboratory, hygienic, pharmacy glasswarImport9,024385Weight in kilograms385
Albania2018Laboratory, hygienic or pharmaceutical glassware nesImport68,4226,116Weight in kilograms6,116
Albania2018Glass microspheres < 1 mm in diameterImport13,38220,000Weight in kilograms20,000
Albania2018Articles of glass except jewellery nes, toy glass eyeImport175,81413,182Weight in kilograms13,182
Albania2018Slivers, rovings, yarn and chopped strands of glassImport2,801735Weight in kilograms735
Albania2018Woven fabric of glass fibresImport754,243343,715Weight in kilograms343,715
Albania2018Mats of glass fibresImport120,62421,056Weight in kilograms21,056
Albania2018Webs, mattresses, other nonwoven fibreglass productsImport32,93113,081Weight in kilograms13,081
Albania2018Glass fibres, glass wool and articles thereof nesImport149,73693,630Weight in kilograms93,630
Albania2018Articles of glass, nesImport673,647452,580Weight in kilograms452,580
Albania2017Cast glass sheet, non-wired, clearImport2,442830No Quantity0
Albania2017Float glass etc sheets, absorbent or reflecting layerImport223,524328,483Area in square metres28,448
Albania2017Float glass etc sheets, absorbent or reflecting layerExport56,258130,683Area in square metres8,353
Albania2017Float glass etc sheets, coloured throughoutImport124,253303,632Area in square metres21,882
Albania2017Float glass etc in sheets, non-wired, clearImport1,977,6216,969,735Area in square metres419,956
Albania2017Float glass etc in sheets, non-wired, clearExport940,3911,775,901Area in square metres266,407
Albania2017Cast, drawn or float glass sheet, edge worked or bentImport15,79717,228Weight in kilograms17,228
Albania2017Safety glass (tempered) for vehicles, aircraft, etcImport18,4323,743Weight in kilograms3,743
Albania2017Safety glass (laminated) for vehicles, aircraft, etcImport338,26086,902Weight in kilograms86,902
Albania2017Safety glass, laminated, non vehicle useImport947,3311,573,051No Quantity0
Albania2017Rear-view mirrors for vehiclesImport27,02311,128Weight in kilograms11,128
Albania2017Glass mirrors, unframedImport489,333627,786Weight in kilograms627,786
Albania2017Glass mirrors, framedImport237,12065,511Weight in kilograms65,511

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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