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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Afghanistan2018Braids in the pieceExport44,5180Length in metres22,449
Afghanistan2018Braids in the pieceRe-Export44,5180Length in metres22,449
Afghanistan2018Braids in the pieceImport137,732,5966,546,291Weight in kilograms6,546,291
Afghanistan2018Embroidery without visible groundExport632,0540No Quantity0
Afghanistan2018Embroidery without visible groundRe-Export410No Quantity0
Afghanistan2018Embroidery without visible groundImport187,923 Weight in kilograms2,186
Afghanistan2018Embroidery of manmade fibresExport4440No Quantity0
Afghanistan2018Embroidery of manmade fibresRe-Export4440No Quantity0
Afghanistan2018Embroidery of manmade fibresImport394,2329,685Weight in kilograms9,685
Afghanistan2016Braids in the pieceImport334,519,58917,784,641Weight in kilograms17,784,641
Afghanistan2015Braids in the pieceImport239,270,54910,285,382Weight in kilograms10,285,382
Afghanistan2014Braids in the pieceImport295,917,97712,219,948Weight in kilograms12,219,948
Afghanistan2013Braids in the pieceImport151,359,8076,289,500Weight in kilograms6,289,500
Afghanistan2012Braids in the pieceImport110,201,4015,016,268Weight in kilograms5,016,268
Afghanistan2011Braids in the pieceImport98,869,6654,530,353Weight in kilograms4,530,353
Afghanistan2010Braids in the pieceImport117,764,1215,643,361Weight in kilograms5,643,361
Afghanistan2009Braids in the pieceImport108,603,0464,451,675Weight in kilograms4,451,675
Afghanistan2008Braids in the pieceImport69,920,15312Weight in kilograms12
Albania2018Cut corduroy cotton fabric, width > 30cmImport11,4471,154Weight in kilograms1,154
Albania2018Chenille fabric of manmade fibres, except <30cm wideImport12,3481,505Weight in kilograms1,505
Albania2018Terry towelling etc of cotton nes, width > 30cmImport163,04626,142Weight in kilograms26,142
Albania2018Terry towelling etc, other than cotton, width > 30 cmImport81,17312,742Weight in kilograms12,742
Albania2018Tulles, other nets (not woven, knit or crochet)Import828,691125,141Weight in kilograms125,141
Albania2018Mechanical lace, manmade fibre (piece, strip, motif)Import1,181,12418,827Weight in kilograms18,827
Albania2018Mechanical lace, other material (piece, strip, motif)Import180,7768,132Weight in kilograms8,132
Albania2018Woven pile fabric and narrow chenille fabricImport39,1543,754Weight in kilograms3,754
Albania2018Woven fabric, elasticised, < 30 cm wideImport2,316,974128,111Weight in kilograms128,111
Albania2018Woven fabric, elasticised, < 30 cm wideExport72Weight in kilograms2
Albania2018Woven cotton fabric, nes, < 30 cm wideImport547,51975,349Weight in kilograms75,349
Albania2018Woven fabric manmade fibres, nes, < 30 cm wideImport2,938,425152,568Weight in kilograms152,568
Albania2018Woven fabric manmade fibres, nes, < 30 cm wideExport35,971572Weight in kilograms572
Albania2018Woven fabric materials nes, < 30 cm wideImport657,07854,884Weight in kilograms54,884
Albania2018Woven fabric materials nes, < 30 cm wideExport1,34490Weight in kilograms90
Albania2018Fabric having warp, no weft, assembled using adhesiveImport98,9995,121Weight in kilograms5,121
Albania2018Label, badge, etc, of woven textile not embroideredImport2,436,159116,681Weight in kilograms116,681
Albania2018Label, badge, etc, of woven textile not embroideredExport2,19564Weight in kilograms64
Albania2018Label, badge, etc, non-embroidered textile, not wovenImport1,515,42161,306Weight in kilograms61,306
Albania2018Label, badge, etc, non-embroidered textile, not wovenExport21Weight in kilograms1
Albania2018Braids in the pieceImport26,971397Weight in kilograms397
Albania2018Ornamental trimmings in the pieceImport128,15213,224Weight in kilograms13,224
Albania2018Embroidery without visible groundImport9,719346Weight in kilograms346
Albania2018Embroidery of cottonImport2,3029Weight in kilograms9
Albania2018Embroidery of manmade fibresImport592,35315,122Weight in kilograms15,122
Albania2018Embroidery of natural textile fibres except cottonImport6,649324Weight in kilograms324
Albania2018Quilted textile products in piece (not embroidered)Import32,0281,171Weight in kilograms1,171
Albania2017Terry towelling etc of cotton nes, width > 30cmImport347,61268,749Weight in kilograms68,749
Albania2017Terry towelling etc, other than cotton, width > 30 cmImport578,200104,860Weight in kilograms104,860
Albania2017Tulles, other nets (not woven, knit or crochet)Import1,107,642169,409Weight in kilograms169,409
Albania2017Mechanical lace, manmade fibre (piece, strip, motif)Import520,94314,531Weight in kilograms14,531
Albania2017Mechanical lace, other material (piece, strip, motif)Import34,8945,976Weight in kilograms5,976

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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