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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Afghanistan2018Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport41,2449,900Weight in kilograms9,900
Afghanistan2008Silk-worm cocoons suitable for reelingImport71,60010Weight in kilograms10
Albania2018Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import325,3381,630Weight in kilograms1,630
Albania2018Woven fabric of silk, nesImport184,894771Weight in kilograms771
Albania2017Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import90,7691,047Weight in kilograms1,047
Albania2016Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import206,4171,210Weight in kilograms1,210
Albania2016Woven fabric of silk, nesImport165,772885Weight in kilograms885
Albania2015Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import310,4864,141Weight in kilograms4,141
Albania2015Woven fabric of silk, nesImport57,566305Weight in kilograms305
Albania2014Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import59,319704Weight in kilograms704
Albania2013Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport1416Weight in kilograms16
Albania2013Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import184,5162,651Weight in kilograms2,651
Albania2013Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export16,331625Weight in kilograms625
Albania2013Woven fabric of silk, nesImport61,659718Weight in kilograms718
Albania2012Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import56,950437Weight in kilograms437
Albania2012Woven fabric of silk, nesImport5,47590Weight in kilograms90
Albania2011Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport520Weight in kilograms0
Albania2011Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import62,1521,204Weight in kilograms1,204
Albania2011Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export30,639686Weight in kilograms686
Albania2011Woven fabric of silk, nesImport64,0951,541Weight in kilograms1,541
Albania2010Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport739180Weight in kilograms180
Albania2010Woven fabric of noil silkImport76,297488Weight in kilograms488
Albania2010Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import46,586353Weight in kilograms353
Albania2010Woven fabric of silk, nesImport111,1951,227Weight in kilograms1,227
Albania2009Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport3,947106Weight in kilograms106
Albania2009Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport5,9037Weight in kilograms7
Albania2009Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import10,028154Weight in kilograms154
Albania2009Woven fabric of silk, nesImport26,001539Weight in kilograms539
Albania2008Silk-worm cocoons suitable for reelingImport797204Weight in kilograms204
Albania2008Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport133,7073,299Weight in kilograms3,299
Albania2008Woven fabric of noil silkImport36,995634Weight in kilograms634
Albania2008Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import22,577929Weight in kilograms929
Albania2008Woven fabric of silk, nesImport57,0301,568Weight in kilograms1,568
Albania2007Silk-worm cocoons suitable for reelingExport9,98514,016Weight in kilograms14,016
Albania2007Woven fabric of noil silkImport7,143111Weight in kilograms111
Albania2007Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import17,039196Weight in kilograms196
Albania2007Woven fabric of silk, nesImport69,185893Weight in kilograms893
Albania2006Silk-worm cocoons suitable for reelingImport2810Weight in kilograms10
Albania2006Silk-worm cocoons suitable for reelingExport16,21625,069Weight in kilograms25,069
Albania2006Silk-worm cocoons suitable for reelingRe-Export16,21625,069Weight in kilograms25,069
Albania2006Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport5,3012,918Weight in kilograms2,918
Albania2006Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailRe-Import92049Weight in kilograms49
Albania2006Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import2,58073Weight in kilograms73
Albania2006Woven fabric of silk, nesImport8,6471,607Weight in kilograms1,607
Albania2006Woven fabric of silk, nesRe-Import6,0401,461Weight in kilograms1,461
Albania2005Silk-worm cocoons suitable for reelingImport18,9271,111Weight in kilograms1,111
Albania2005Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport302321Weight in kilograms321
Albania2005Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailExport47,53712,650Weight in kilograms12,650
Albania2005Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailRe-Export47,53712,650Weight in kilograms12,650
Albania2005Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailImport12,836352Weight in kilograms352

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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