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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Afghanistan2008Vaccines, human useImport19,670,52653,947Weight in kilograms53,947
Albania2018Blood, toxins, cultures, medical use, nesImport1,665,094253Weight in kilograms253
Albania2018Antibiotics nes, in dosageImport1,525,02819,241Weight in kilograms19,241
Albania2018Hormones nes, except contraceptives, in dosageImport1,783,0443,023Weight in kilograms3,023
Albania2018Medicaments nes, in dosageImport101,701,4572,343,230Weight in kilograms2,343,230
Albania2018Medicaments nes, in dosageExport1,549,85074,694Weight in kilograms74,694
Albania2018Medical dressings etc. having an adhesive layerImport240,84026,379Weight in kilograms26,379
Albania2018Medical dressings etc except those with adhesive layeImport762,145101,987Weight in kilograms101,987
Albania2018Suture materials, sterile surgical and dental goodsImport60,005350Weight in kilograms350
Albania2018Dental cements and other dental fillings, bone cementImport910,1094,181Weight in kilograms4,181
Albania2018First-aid boxes and kitsImport37,1084,825Weight in kilograms4,825
Albania2017Blood, toxins, cultures, medical use, nesImport52,964123Weight in kilograms123
Albania2017Penicillins and streptomycins, derivs, in dosageImport156,5875,993Weight in kilograms5,993
Albania2017Antibiotics nes, in dosageImport4,072,955179,365Weight in kilograms179,365
Albania2017Vitamins, derivatives,in dosageImport176,5924,335Weight in kilograms4,335
Albania2017Medicaments nes, in dosageImport109,653,5082,493,404Weight in kilograms2,493,404
Albania2017Medicaments nes, in dosageExport1,780,67681,351Weight in kilograms81,351
Albania2017Medical dressings etc. having an adhesive layerImport204,72827,068Weight in kilograms27,068
Albania2017Medical dressings etc except those with adhesive layeImport785,381115,047Weight in kilograms115,047
Albania2017Suture materials, sterile surgical and dental goodsImport13,470651Weight in kilograms651
Albania2017Dental cements and other dental fillings, bone cementImport830,284209,601Weight in kilograms209,601
Albania2017First-aid boxes and kitsImport11,016883Weight in kilograms883
Albania2016Antisera and other blood fractionsImport6,126,53310,987Weight in kilograms10,987
Albania2016Antisera and other blood fractionsExport69,0021,731Weight in kilograms1,731
Albania2016Vaccines, human useImport1,335,8861,229Weight in kilograms1,229
Albania2016Vaccines, veterinary use, except foot and mouthImport296,6232,786Weight in kilograms2,786
Albania2016Blood, toxins, cultures, medical use, nesImport595,5912,983Weight in kilograms2,983
Albania2016Blood, toxins, cultures, medical use, nesExport14,947167Weight in kilograms167
Albania2016Medicaments nes, formulated, in bulkImport394,587117,813Weight in kilograms117,813
Albania2016Penicillins and streptomycins, derivs, in dosageImport258,58413,508Weight in kilograms13,508
Albania2016Antibiotics nes, in dosageImport4,419,701173,266Weight in kilograms173,266
Albania2016Antibiotics nes, in dosageExport79,8131,432Weight in kilograms1,432
Albania2016Adrenal cortical hormones, in dosageImport216,7883,215Weight in kilograms3,215
Albania2016Hormones nes, except contraceptives, in dosageImport2,189,8508,196Weight in kilograms8,196
Albania2016Alkaloids, derivs, no antibiotics, hormones, in dosagImport254,4762,519Weight in kilograms2,519
Albania2016Vitamins, derivatives,in dosageImport263,01011,697Weight in kilograms11,697
Albania2016Medicaments nes, in dosageImport133,798,5153,752,856Weight in kilograms3,752,856
Albania2016Medicaments nes, in dosageExport4,636,75195,187Weight in kilograms95,187
Albania2016Medical dressings etc. having an adhesive layerImport354,10542,712Weight in kilograms42,712
Albania2016Medical dressings etc except those with adhesive layeImport785,613119,928Weight in kilograms119,928
Albania2016Medical dressings etc except those with adhesive layeExport103,8162,767Weight in kilograms2,767
Albania2016Suture materials, sterile surgical and dental goodsImport101,048796Weight in kilograms796
Albania2016Dental cements and other dental fillings, bone cementImport1,456,83312,812Weight in kilograms12,812
Albania2016First-aid boxes and kitsImport30,3292,258Weight in kilograms2,258
Albania2015Antisera and other blood fractionsImport6,094,11112,163Weight in kilograms12,163
Albania2015Vaccines, human useImport3,187,9962,034Weight in kilograms2,034
Albania2015Vaccines, veterinary use, except foot and mouthImport708,54214,163Weight in kilograms14,163
Albania2015Blood, toxins, cultures, medical use, nesImport392,2352,174Weight in kilograms2,174
Albania2015Medicaments nes, formulated, in bulkImport319,28299,727Weight in kilograms99,727
Albania2015Penicillins and streptomycins, derivs, in dosageImport755,92117,303Weight in kilograms17,303

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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