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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Afghanistan2018Vegetable saps and extracts nesImport508,47974,980Weight in kilograms74,980
Afghanistan2018Vegetable saps and extracts nesExport107,047,0728,940,216Weight in kilograms8,940,216
Afghanistan2016Vegetable saps and extracts nesExport85,858,02940,857,325Weight in kilograms40,857,325
Afghanistan2015Vegetable saps and extracts nesExport81,879,32910,020,671Weight in kilograms10,020,671
Afghanistan2011Vegetable saps and extracts nesExport47,758,42110,824,839Weight in kilograms10,824,839
Afghanistan2010Vegetable saps and extracts nesExport40,098,8058,258,675Weight in kilograms8,258,675
Afghanistan2009Vegetable saps and extracts nesExport30,298,7197,654,009Weight in kilograms7,654,009
Afghanistan2008Vegetable saps and extracts nesExport22,814,39331Weight in kilograms31
Albania2018Vegetable saps and extracts nesImport4,346154Weight in kilograms154
Albania2018Mucilages & thickeners, from locust bean, guar seedsImport7,7023,600Weight in kilograms3,600
Albania2017Vegetable saps and extracts nesImport4,8503,182Weight in kilograms3,182
Albania2016Natural gum, resin, gum-resin, balsam, not gum arabicImport1,343413Weight in kilograms413
Albania2016Vegetable saps and extracts nesImport254,95824,997Weight in kilograms24,997
Albania2016Vegetable saps and extracts nesExport149,0251,520Weight in kilograms1,520
Albania2016Pectic substances, pectinates, pectatesImport12,1132,251Weight in kilograms2,251
Albania2016Agar-agarExport10,302400Weight in kilograms400
Albania2016Mucilages & thickeners, from locust bean, guar seedsImport7,6453,250Weight in kilograms3,250
Albania2016Mucilages and thickeners nesImport40,8463,999Weight in kilograms3,999
Albania2015Gum arabicImport9,4002,175Weight in kilograms2,175
Albania2015Natural gum, resin, gum-resin, balsam, not gum arabicImport1,566130Weight in kilograms130
Albania2015Vegetable saps and extracts nesImport275,73430,387Weight in kilograms30,387
Albania2015Vegetable saps and extracts nesExport259,5636,186Weight in kilograms6,186
Albania2015Pectic substances, pectinates, pectatesImport14,2173,600Weight in kilograms3,600
Albania2015Agar-agarExport13,6951,200Weight in kilograms1,200
Albania2015Mucilages & thickeners, from locust bean, guar seedsImport19,1598,550Weight in kilograms8,550
Albania2015Mucilages and thickeners nesImport20,1592,073Weight in kilograms2,073
Albania2014Gum arabicImport14,8972,100Weight in kilograms2,100
Albania2014Mucilages and thickeners nesImport12,6181,494Weight in kilograms1,494
Albania2013Gum arabicImport11,3721,475Weight in kilograms1,475
Albania2013Natural gum, resin, gum-resin, balsam, not gum arabicImport551Weight in kilograms1
Albania2013Hop extractImport8,445325Weight in kilograms325
Albania2013Vegetable saps and extracts nesImport368,01529,569Weight in kilograms29,569
Albania2013Vegetable saps and extracts nesExport486,1564,558Weight in kilograms4,558
Albania2013Pectic substances, pectinates, pectatesImport124,50010,880Weight in kilograms10,880
Albania2013Pectic substances, pectinates, pectatesExport4,725395Weight in kilograms395
Albania2013Agar-agarImport5,711320Weight in kilograms320
Albania2013Mucilages & thickeners, from locust bean, guar seedsImport527,65536,950Weight in kilograms36,950
Albania2013Mucilages and thickeners nesImport80,3776,985Weight in kilograms6,985
Albania2013Mucilages and thickeners nesExport12,91515,000Weight in kilograms15,000
Albania2012Natural gum, resin, gum-resin, balsam, not gum arabicImport5,377509Weight in kilograms509
Albania2012Hop extractImport48,3972,609Weight in kilograms2,609
Albania2012Vegetable saps and extracts nesImport261,27127,584Weight in kilograms27,584
Albania2012Vegetable saps and extracts nesExport256,4323,462Weight in kilograms3,462
Albania2012Pectic substances, pectinates, pectatesImport73,7957,770Weight in kilograms7,770
Albania2012Mucilages & thickeners, from locust bean, guar seedsImport7,999900Weight in kilograms900
Albania2012Mucilages and thickeners nesImport44,2624,381Weight in kilograms4,381
Albania2012Mucilages and thickeners nesExport4,141400Weight in kilograms400
Albania2011Gum arabicImport1,871500Weight in kilograms500
Albania2011Natural gum, resin, gum-resin, balsam, not gum arabicImport5,464160Weight in kilograms160
Albania2011Hop extractImport21,5201,542Weight in kilograms1,542

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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